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The largest Stock Exchange in the world is the New York Stock Exchange, located at Wall Street in Manhattan, NY. The combined capital of all domestic US companies in October 2008 was US 10.1 trillion. The fully electronic NYSE Euro next operates the NYSE after the 2007 merger with NYSE. Situated on Wall Street, the trading floor of NYSE combines four halls that host the trading activity. The trade of public registered companies with shares of shock is facilitated. The working hours of the stock exchange are between 9:30 and 16:00 ET. The holidays are announced in advance by the NYSE.

Traders are able to generate stoke transactions on the trading floor, representing the investors. A specialist broker, acting as an auctioneer, brings together the traders around an appropriate post to execute an auction.

From January 2007, the NYSE stocks are available for trade through a Hybrid Market, with the exception of a very few stocks having high prices. As the market is electronic at present, customers are able to execute orders immediately, or redirect them to the trading floor.

Created by combining NYSE Group, Inc., and EURONEXT N.V, NYSE Euro next operates the worlds biggest and most liquid exchange group, offering the greatest diversity of products and services on the financial market. Bringing together six equities` exchanges and operating in seven countries, NYSE Euronext is the global leader for cash equities trading, bonds, interest rates and equity derivates and market data distribution.

The NYSE composite index was established in 1960s and given a base worth of 50 points. This is an equivalent to the yearly close in 1965. Thus, the worth of all stocks, traded at the NYSE, was valued, not just the 30 stocks which represented the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

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